Free for Three Parking Campaign

Back our Free for Three Parking Campaign

Our Free for Three Campaign was launched at the beginning of November 2018 – calling for free parking for three hours in Paisley town centre on weekdays.

We are asking Renfrewshire Council to consider implementing within the town centre:

  • Three hours of free parking within the town centre – offering free parking for three hours will allow visitors time to shop, run errands, go to the bank, and grab a bite to eat but will deter commuters who wish to park in Paisley and then take the train elsewhere.
  • A review of current parking restrictions. There are many loading or taxi bays or single yellow lines which were put in place many years ago and are now surplus to requirements and could help accommodate those who do only require short-term parking.
  • The introduction of Parking Signage at main points throughout Paisley so that those visiting who are unfamiliar with the town centre are clearly signposted to our car parks with real-time available spaces indicators.

As a result, at December’s full council meeting, it was agreed that a review into parking throughout the town centre should be undertaken and include engagement with the public and stakeholders, while the financial implications would also be considered.

As part of this, Paisley First has written to ask all of the town’s elected members to back our campaign, outlining the benefits of Free for Three as well as highlighting the public response to our campaign.

If you would like to support our campaign, you can help by writing to your local councillor, MP or MSP. You can also help by taking part in our parking survey, please CLICK HERE
Benefits of Free for Three

Free parking for three hours in Paisley town centre will

  • Challenge the perception of Paisley being inaccessible
  • Prevent “commuter parking”
  • Allow steady turnover of available parking spaces
  • Make it easier to access “local” shops and in turn, improve the local economy
  • Increase footfall on the High St and into local businesses
  • Increase customer dwell time and customer spend
  • Help attract shoppers into town who would have otherwise shopped elsewhere, especially with free parking at Braehead and Silverburn shopping centres and the new Wallneuk retail development opening soon on Renfrew Rd
  • Allow Paisley businesses to capitalise on opportunities with those who may come into town for banking due to bank closures in surrounding areas
  • Help attract new businesses to Paisley town centre
Public Response to Free for Three

“Brilliant idea…support this 100%…keep it local and support these fantastic businesses in these difficult times”

“It should also be extended to Saturdays. Too many people park then take the train to Glasgow meaning those of us nipping into town for a few things can’t find a parking space”

“Great idea!!! Let’s hope it happens!”

“I tried to nip into Paisley M&S last Sunday but because of the one-way system, double yellow lines, and disabled spaces, I couldn’t get parked anywhere nearby and just ended up going to Morrison’s”

 “I am a teacher who lives in Paisley. During the holidays it will often mean that I would sooner shop at Silverburn or Braehead where parking is free instead of trying to find change to pop into the butchers or to marks and Spencer’s. If it’s free then I would come in more than I do”

“Meeting friends for coffee, doing a wee art class or exercise class, popping in for a haircut or just doing a little shopping in my own town without parking charges would be wonderful. Right now nobody comes to Paisley because of the parking situation”

“Fantastic idea, I would spend more time shopping in Paisley than going to bigger centres in which parking is free”

“Brilliant idea but PLEASE include Saturday by 9 am you cannot park near or in Causeyside Street as parking spaces have been taken for the day which is actually putting people off coming into Paisley as there is no parking”

 “The parking problem and cost has been my gripe about shopping in Paisley centre for years! Free for three is a great idea!”